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Thread: VHS to MPEG2 Encoding Video/Audio Sync Problems

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    Default VHS to MPEG2 Encoding Video/Audio Sync Problems

    Couple questions for you all.

    I'm in the process of converting over 200+ hours of family VHS tapes to DVD. I'm using a ADS Tech Instant USB 2.0 702V to take the VHS from a VCR and encode into MPEG2 for a DVD.

    I ran into those ugly lines that the VHS to MPEG2 encode produced, but I found out that TMPGEnc can crop those off and do some noise reduction. That's great.

    Ok, but I'm still having some problems...

    I take a MPEG2 file that's raw right from the VHS tape conversion. I then edit it using Windows Movie Maker 2, I then output to a NTSC DVD AVI file, I then use TMPGEnc to cut off unwanted lines, clean up the noise in the video, and convert to MPEG2. After that I take it and put the video into Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2 SE and then select the "replace audio" option. Since TMPGEnc make me a m2v and wav file, the video and audio are seperate from each other.

    Now here's my problem...

    The audio is just about 1 second off of the video, making it very, very annoying to watch, and completely unacceptable. However, TMPGEnc is encoding the audio properly, because the times match up perfectly. So it's gotta be the Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2 SE. The only I've found to remedy this is to import the MPEG2 file that TMPGEnc created into Ulead VideoStudio 7 and then add the wav file to the project. Then encode the video back to MPEG2 once again. This is a major pain since I'm obviously encoding the darned little file at least three times. When we're talking about 100min videos, this is a major waste of time.

    Do you have any ideas? Is there a way to get TMPGEnc to encode the video and audio together?

    I'm listing my system specs just for the heck of it:

    AMD XP1700+
    512MB PC2700 DDR
    40GB WD
    120GB Maxtor 7200RPM 8MB Cache
    Pioneer DVR-106BK 4x DVD Burner

    I also might mention that I have alot of experience with computers/networks in general, but most of this video encoding/conversion stuff is new to me. Any help is appreciated.

    I'm at my witts end with all of this encoding. Please HELP!


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    There is a way of getting TMPGenc to output the MPEG as a system file (both audio and video combined), but people from the states have complained at me before for telling them how to do this as it makes non-compliant DVD (not playable in a standalone). All you have to do is make sure your final audio in MovieFactory is PCM not MPEG layer 2

    But anyway, with that forewarning... On the main screen, there is a box with stream type:

    If the radio buttons are greyed out as in the picture above and you can't click on system (Video+Audio), then click Load underneath. By default, you should go to the tempgenc Template directory underneath the install directory. If not, browse there. Now there should be a folder labeled Extra. Open that folder. Select the unlock.mcf template. If you don't have that template for some reason, I can send it to you.

    Now u can select the radio button as below:

    Make sure you output your audio in MovieFactory as PCM audio or it won't be playable!!!
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    That's great, I'll give it a try.

    So basically if I do it the way you told me to, it's not a real DVD? What's up with that, sorry I don't quite understand that part.

    I did download the latest Movie Factory (3.0), and it syncs the audio and the video correctly, only problem is, it's $99. I've already spent over $370 on all of the stuff. I'm using the 30 day trial for the time being.

    If you've got a minute, I managed to get another problem too.

    Windows Movie Maker 2 keeps crashing when I import a 1hr 55min video to edit. It gives me a memory error, asks me if I want to debug, then when I click "cancel" it quits. *shrug*

    Anyway, I've really been enjoying your site, you have lots of good resources on here.

    Thanks again,


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    dvd video is a standard. it has to be x by y, have x frames per second, and one of several types of audio.

    the standards for pal and ntsc dvd video are different.

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