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Thread: Auto Zoom and Auto Cuts. Newb here :)

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    Default Auto Zoom and Auto Cuts. Newb here :)

    Hey guys so I have vegas and I have a question for you. I am going to be doing some covers on youtube. I have tried film myself with a few different cameras and then cutting between them and using vegas's built in zoom plugin to get different angles and such. My questions is: Is there some sort of plugin that I can get that randomizes cuts and zoom so I can get some sort of rough draft and not have to do quite so much work? Thanks!

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    You don't say whether you have Vegas Pro. If you do there are some scripts available that will do this. Both Excalibur and Ultimate S script packages include such scripts and free trials are available.

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    Hi there thanks for helping! Yes I do have vegas pro. I will try those two and see how they work out. Both are somewhat spendy are there any other alternatives that do a similar job?

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