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Thread: CF Card Corrupt - Advice ?

  1. Default CF Card Corrupt - Advice ?

    I have an in-car camera system thet records onto CF card ( in Mpeg if that makes a difference ) and after the weekend i had a problem with it

    Basically when you try to open the card to view the files, or access the files from any editing program it brings up a warning saying

    'The file or directory is Corrupt and unreadable'

    I have had a quick search online but found nothing, ive tried going into the properties menu on it to run the Disc check thing, but it says something about not being able to access the disc, so thats not working

    Is there any other way to get at the files on there in the first instance ?

    Or is the best way going to be to Format the card and try a file recovery ?

    The stuff on there isnt that important, but it is something i need, so not worth spending a fortune on sending the card away, so a Home Fix is what i am looking for.

    Any ideas anyone ?

    Ps. the recorder it was recorded on has a CF explorer, and that is clearly showing the video files on the card still, so i know they are there

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    Probably not what you want to hear, but this is almost certainly a question for a techie forum rather than a video-centric forum. Cop out, I know!

    'The file or directory is Corrupt and unreadable' CF - Google Search

    I have had a corrupt video file on an SD card, but I didn't get this message and was able to copy the files by continually inserting it into my PC. Yes, I know this makes no sense, but it worked!

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