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    I'm looking for a decent-but-not-pro video editing program for a small business environment. I've done some searching on the forum and have gotten some ideas, but I thought I'd ask for some opinions based on our specific needs. Mostly what we do is make basic cuts, fix misaligned audio, and add title screens. We've been using Windows Movie Maker, but have found it to be a little clunky, and more importantly, it doesn't support enough file types. We need to be able to import as many file types as possible, since we get many different formats from clients. Up to this point, we've been having to convert files, then edit them, then export, then convert again--which of course does wonders for the quality.

    Video editing is a small part of what we do, and obviously our needs are pretty simple, so we don't want to spend a whole lot of money. However, we do want quality, performance, and ease of use. We also want to plan for the possibility of having more elaborate projects somewhere down the road. And again, perhaps the most important feature is the ability to import/export a wide variety of formats.

    Can anyone make any suggestions based on this info? Thanks.

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    That all depends on your budget, have you got 100, 500 or 1000 to spend? The amount will dictate what your options are.

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    Thanks for the response. I think I'd like to keep it to under $200.

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    That rules out the big named editors such as Sony Vegas Pro 9 and Premiere Pro CS4. Download trial versions of Sony Vegas Platinum 9, Premiere Elements 7 and Corel Video Studio Pro X2 and see if any of them have the facilities you are looking for.

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    Try "MPEG Video Wizard DVD" from Womble Multimedia, It seem to be able to handle a large range of formats, and only costs about US$49.00. You can get 30 days trial without restrictions.

    MPEG editor and DVD editor- Womble Multimedia, Inc.

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    Adobe Premiere Elements will probably suite you the best as it has a very simple interface but it is also very powerful. the build in dvd authoring is in my opinion the 2nd best authoring software i have ever used. this is next to adobe encore which as powerful as it is can be quite cumbersome to use.

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