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Thread: One or Two Hard Drives?

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    I am just setting up my own videography business and trying to keep costs down to a minimum but I keep hearing people strongly advising me to purchase TWO hard drives with my bespoke PC.

    Would I desperately need two if I am on a budget? I was planning on just purchasing a 1TB Serial ATA (7.200rpm) as my only hard drive, but should I rather get one of those as my secondary drive and purchase a 150GB VelociRaptor as my primary?

    Also: Will I put all of my footage on the second hard-drive (as well as Final Cut Pro), or will Final Cut Pro be on my primary drive and it will be a question of moving the files over when I need to edit? Sorry if I sound reasonably ignorant, but I have never worked with two hard drives before.

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    Get two hard drives, the primary one holding your OS and applications and the secondary one holding your video files.

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    having multiple harddrive is a good option if you are doing videos, you'll be needing lots of space.

    take at least 2 or 3.

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    Having recently lost ( until I have money for 'forensic' recovery service) 3 years of my archive when a drive broke I suggest many many drives.

    Losing stuff hurts and costs.

    My next pc will have a mirrored raid array and it is something everyone should consider. Drives do break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffinmill View Post
    I am just setting up my own videography business
    Just read that back to yourself. You're setting up a business and you're considering entrusting your work to one hard drive?

    How do you explain to your client that all the footage to their one off, can never be repeated event that cost many thousands is lost because you only had one hard drive with the data on and it failed? Or that all the work that you've done on the project that you've been slaving away on for the past four weeks will have to be redone for the same reason?

    What's the cost of another couple of hard drive and a board capable of RAID 1 or RAID5?

    And don't forget you'll need to back this all up to other disks which are removed to another location, in case you have a catastrophe such as a fire.

    I don't thik I need say any more.

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