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Thread: Normalize a Compilation

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    Unhappy Normalize a Compilation

    Ok, this is my problem

    I'm working in a bar and I would to make a video compilation with videos coming from different places (my pc, youtube ecc). Just simple DVD containing a set of music videos of various artists playing during my workingday to make atmosphere.

    I was able to convert all these videos at the same way with SUPER video converter so my DVD reader can now play everyone of them but the audio volume it's different for each video!
    So I have to turn the volume up or down everytime a video skip to another. :S

    Is there any program or tool wich allows me to normalize the audio volume of all of these videos to an unique one without extracting the mp3 tracks and importing them back?

    thank you so much and forgive me for my bad english.


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    Is maybe this the wrong section where posting mi problem?

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    No, it's the right section, you'll just have to wait until someone who knows the solution to your problem comes along.

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