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    I am a yoga teacher and I need my yoga DVD editing and turning into a DVD master. I have recorded the soundtrack on CD and recorded one of my students doing the yoga class on a JVC HD camera - ADVHC (?) format I think. Really the idea is that people who buy the DVD only watch it once or twice to learn the moves. After that they will use the supplied CD to practice from (or put it on the iPod). So I'm not after fancy graphics or any gizzmos.

    The job should be a matter of synching the start of the pics with the soundtrack and then bingo! Apart from adding in some cutaways here and there when I moved the camera.

    I'm hoping to find a budget editor I can work with as this is a low volume project. My budget is 500-600, but I'm open to advice if this is unrealistic.

    The yoga class is 90 mins long and divided into 6 chapters.

    My email is

    This is the first time I have used this forum, so apologies for any greenness. I did buy Sony Vegas Platinum to do the job myself but I dont have the time or techiness.

    Paul Fox

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    Welcome Paul, that's a reasonable price to start with for a basic edit without lots of graphic work. It might be worth providing a link to your Yoga website so that any prospective cutters can see who you are.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for the advice. My yoga website is

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    i can help you-please reply

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    Hi. This forum really works - I had loads of emails. In fact too many to reply to them all, so thank you. I have found someone to do this job for me. Many thanks.

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    good luck and thanks for the reply--yeah i just found this forum and its awesome it works well both sides of business

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