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Thread: Camcorder Hi8 to pc - laymans terms

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    Default Camcorder Hi8 to pc - laymans terms

    Hi all

    I am a woman with a small amount of knowledge on pc's etc but I'm afraid that most terminology used, beats me ..... consequently can anyone give me complete laymans terms on how to transfer a Camcorder Hi8 to a pc please?

    What do i need????????????????

    Many thanks

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    There are 3 ways to do this.

    1/ If you own or have access to a dvd recorder then connect the Hi8 to it using the s-video cable and an audio cable. Put a blank dvd in the dvd recorder, make sure the tape in the camcorder is at the position where you wish to copy and press record on the dvd recorder and press play on the camcorder.

    2/ If you have a mini dv camcorder with audio and video sockets on it then you may be able to connect your Hi8 to it and you can either put a blank tape in the mini dv camcorder and record from one camcorder onto the other or use a Firewire socket and connect the mini dv to a computer. The video from the Hi8 camcorder passes through the mini dv and is converted to a digital format it goes out the Firewire cable and into the computer where it is stored on the hard disk.

    3/ Purchase a breakout box form the likes of Pinnacle or Belkin and plug it into a USB socket on your computer. It will have sockets on it that allow you to connect your camcorder to it. You will get software with it and use it to copy the video from the tape to the computer hard disk.

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