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    Hey everyone.

    I am new to video editing, and all the rest which are related somewhat, and I need a quick tip. I am currently trying to colourise an old black and white video, which was recorded with no colour whatsoever. I have obtained all the frames from the video, and I am currently colouring them via photoshop.

    I need to some suggestions on how I can use these new coloured frames, and make them into a video, so I can see what needs to be changed. I am sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, or is a very basic question (I am new to this kind of thing).

    I have 300 frames coloured, and the original framerate is 29fps.

    I have Sony Vegas 9 Pro, and Virtualdub at my disposal at the moment, how can I make a video out of these frames at the same framerate? Any help is appreciated.


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    You need to load your finished frames back into Sony Vegas so they are all on the timeline. This is the eseence of moving pictures, a series of still images played back one after the other in quick succession to give the illusion of movement.

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