Hi there,

I'm using Pinnacle Plus V 11.01 (I believe). I have completed a number of projects, and burnt a number of them to disc. Some have turned out fine, but I have 2 different problems with multiple discs:

1 - Music skipping - seems to be mainly during transitions - and also limited to certain bands as crazy as that seems? When I play within Pinnacle, it's playing fine, seems to be when actually written - have tried various quality media, doesn't seem to make any difference - do you think this is burner related?

2 - High speed playback - When playing on dvd, plays in high speed - I've had the same project, burnt to 2 discs of same type, one plays high speed on dvd player, other plays normally - again, don't know if this is actually Pinnacle related or dvd player related (dvd-r) so any thoughts or comments appreciated.

Thanks in advance!