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Thread: Vegas Pro 9.0 editing help

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    Default Vegas Pro 9.0 editing help

    Hey i'm new to vegas pro and i want to do some effects but i'm having a lot of trouble.

    I am creating a "montage" and for the intro it has a beat of, dan dan dan dan dan.....

    every time you hear this (drum) i want to be able to see whats happening in the video (so the video is all darkened (not completely black) and everytime that beat comes along i want the video to light up for a moment).

    I hope this makes sense, and would anybody know how to do this?

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    You are making perfect sense indeed.

    You want to add an effect to heighten tension, and the WAY you want to do this is to apply an Fx "On-The-Beat". Well, here's the ShowStopper No1 in Vegas: You can't automatically get any controls to inter-react between visuals and audio. However, you CAN apply Markers that give at least a vertical cross-track datum of WHERE you can apply whatever you want. Here is Showstopper No2 : You can't get Markers to show/reveal within the Fx Timeline controls, the Keyframes. I/we/all of us wish this were possible, it ain't. The best, and it is very good, is to play with the sound and move keyframes back and forth until you hit on a good impact.

    So, as you "hear" Dan, dan dan" TAP the "M"arker key. You now have Markers spread across the Timeline. You could also apply Markers by looking at the Audio Waveform and visually identifying the PEAK of the "DAN". But I do prefer the finger tap method! Now, get into the video and add your Fx. Start adding control KFs and play the video back and forth until you synch the Fx to the way you want. It is very doable, but how I wish that Markers were revealed in KF timelines???

    A good tip, if you have FAST action is to reduce the playback speed. I've often used this to get at the beat and feel for a visual.

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    thanks i've marked every beat perfectly now, but i am having trouble i have lowered the brightness of the clip so it looks how i want it. but i can't seem to work an FX that does the flash of light i want ( for every beat ). do you know of something i can try and can i have two effects on the one clip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunney View Post
    . . but i can't seem to work an FX that does the flash of light i want ( for every beat ).
    OK, you've got another option and that is to use a "Flash" transition.

    At each Marker hit S for Split. This will split your video up, you can now ADD the Flash transition. Make it 1 or 2 frames long and you should be done. This is a great way to add that ZAP! I think you are after.

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    As you are NOT overlapping, what I failed to add was that you need to pull back the "Fade Offset" at the end or beginning of each Split. Just roll your cursor over the TOP left or right corner of and end or begin of any split and your cursor will change to a quadrant. HOLD mouse Left button down and drag.

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