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    Default Vietnam Building Collapse

    A little lesson in this video about shooting the everyday things of life and how they can rapidly turn into disaster, feedback away.

    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Fantastic opportunity to film (which I can only say gleefully as thankfully no-one was hurt)!

    Unfortunately I found the edit dragged somwhat - in particular the aftermath of the accident - 2:00-4:00. Watching again I can see how you can justify each shot, but I'm afraid for me that section really was a bit like watching cement dry. I'd suggest revisiting that section with fresh eyes and being really ruthless. Alternatively create some narration. The film really picks up again once the narration kicks in.

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    I can only mirror Tim's comments. The edit from 2:00 to 4:00 was tough to watch and my attention wavered. I don't think it needs narration, as you said, the video speaks for itself. But it does need ruthless cutting.

    In terms of filming the everyday, it's certainly true that the mundane can create an interesting video. Even without "the incident", this could have been an interesting short documentary. The narration added tremendous value, highlighting what the camera doesn't explicitly tell us. For example the re-use of the fallen bricks and the "safety features optional" mentality. Sure, we can see this, but your narration adds value.

    It's also interesting that both Tim and I felt the actual incident was the weakest point of the video. Perhaps because we see the video through viditing eyes? Now if the video had 'just' been these two minutes, we'd have both dismissed the video. But the narration and the editing of the whole piece made something far more valuable.

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    Thanks Tim and Marc for your feedback, I do believe your right about the section without voice over dragging on.

    I would never do a travelogue video of sorts, and never a cement pour one, this video came about from capturing a event by chance, I was actually testing a new camera and literally shooting anything.

    After I shot the collapse I then followed up with all sorts of footage to make a story around the collapse footage. In my mind I had two options, either make it a 90 second video of only the collapse, or make a video with 3 sections (although the balance of the three sections is rather blurred by the fact it's the same location).

    The disaster footage is basically the raw shot footage, I was hoping to pull off more translation captions, but much of what is said can't be heard clearly and much of what is said is personal chat which did not relate to the video.
    Why I find this section interesting is the fact basically nothing is said considering what has just happened, that was my point of leaving the video talk (or no talk in this case) not once did we hear..Is everyone fine, is anyone hurt, or any verbal instructions from the failed cement pour crew or engineer. The silence on their part was alarming. (like I said maybe shock had set in)

    I did not hear the very common saying in Vietnam 'troi oi' (oh my god) not once, again this was most strange, Vietnamese love to openly chat their thoughts, they are very upfront in that way. Normally the blame would have been played out within seconds of the collapse, this happens with road accidents there, here there seemed to be no chat on who or what was to blame, this caught me by surprise. Maybe I should have made a small comment on this via voice over.

    I positioned the collapse video in at that spot purely for youtube purposes, nothing else and in doing so looks like it epic failed the placement test.
    I do spend lots of time living in Vietnam, I see stuff the tourists would never see and like I said in the video I do have many things covered which I know will not be there soon, people selling ice on the streets is a classic example, shooting them is one thing, making them into little stories well that may never happen, like I said I don't do travelogue videos.

    Again thanks for your feedback.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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