Hello, my name is Gines Velazquez.

I am a free lance video editor with experience in social events like weddings, bat or bar mitzva and birthday.
I want to expand my services to an international scope.

My idea is to generate a continuous work flow with you.

here are the samples:



photo collage

we use internet for recive the photos and videos for the slideshow and I will send you the finish work in the same way. I have make some test with regular customers and went really well.

You can pay the work after you recive and verify it. We can use the Paypal system for paiments.

Other samples of my work

If you are interested in my work and has some consultation or if you wish to acquire a sample of the work in DVD format via rapidshare or similar, to show to your clients, please write me.

Thank you very much.

Gines Velazquez