Hi. I've posted a similar questions but my ideas have changed so I'd like to get some opinions on this. I'm using Vegas Pro so this seemed to be the best forum that fits.

Basically I have a live show that I'm putting together where I would like to have video playing in the background while I perform. My main thing is to get the audio and video sync'd so I'm thinking I could hook up a laptop to a projector and just play the MP4 or whatever format I save it in which contains both. Does that sound like I'm heading in the right direction? Or would you suggest a better way?

My next question is about raw material quality. What would you say is the minimum quality that I could use to project the video on a decent sized screen? Will the quality on the screen be the quality coming from the projector? To put it another way, if it looks crisp and clear on the screen, will the projector hold that quality or would I have to compensate for making the video image bigger?

One final question. How do I download the HD videos from youtube? It seems every time I try I can only download the regular versions and not the HD.

What is a good projector to purchase to get the best results for the best price?

Thanks in advance!