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Thread: Canon's raw footage locked?

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    Default Canon's raw footage locked?

    Someone on another filmaking site said this concerning me trying to bypass the software that came with the camera;

    are they a proprietary file format? If that is the (unfortunate) case then you'll most likely either have to use the proprietary software (some companies just want you stuck with their sutff) or you will have to convert it. In any case you would be sacrificing something, be it easier control and power over the cut or sacrificing some video quality in the conversion.

    is this for real? all I want to do is be able to use the footage in it's raw state.

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    AVCHD was developed as a standard. This means that, in theory, an editing application which has been designed to handle AVCHD files can edit them from any camera. I would suggest that the easiest route to editing AVCHD files is to either copy the files using a card reader (assuming your camera uses flash cards) or to browse and copy the video files on your cameras hard drive. AS I say, in theory they should be AVCHD (essentially MPEG4) files, which should be editable in any video editor that handles AVCHD natively.

    Are you having problems copying the files?

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    I just take the memory card out of my Canon HF200, put it in the card reader on my pc and a window opens or you can go into My Computer/Computer depending on whether you are using XP or Vista and copy the video files in the stream folder to your hard disk. Once on the hard disk, open up Sony Vegas and it will open the raw avchd files for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikosony View Post
    ... open up Sony Vegas and it will open the raw avchd files for you.
    Yes, alright, alright, you don't have to rub it in!

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    Yeah i get the files off my camera hard drive and dont use thge card option even though I can. The clips are not locked because I can copy them over from the hard drive of the camera (someone said its not a hard drive but a flash memory?). Anyway, my problem now lies in converting them as vista windows media will not play them after copying - my Corel will not recognise them in their current form either.

    So what would be the best way to get them converted and is it true that quality will be lost in this process? Someone talked about a lossless converter program where quality is not lost bit for bit. This is where I am up to now as a newb to AVCHD.
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