We make a variety of videos for our website. Most are converted to SD FLVs for embedding on our website, YouTube and iTunes.
We've had a Panasonic hvx-201 for a while, but it's a bit bulky for filming consumer shows so we got a couple of Panasonic hm300s.
The guys are reporting to me (from IFA in Berlin this weekend) that the hm300s are rubbish. The lens and iris are poor and the cmos is getting basic colours wrong. Also AVCHD is slow to work with and P2 workflow is 100% quicker.
With P2 its straight onto the machine with raylight and you can edit in real time 25fps and near high quality, you can't with avchd. If we are lucky we get 2fps playback in the edit and you have to prerender some edits to check they are ok.

My guys think that sticking with HVX, hand held, with maybe a shoulder balance and its pro workflow (that we know works and is fast) is the way to go.
Plus a lighting system which is small and battery operated (ideally AAs).

What do you recommend?