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Thread: encoding. i havent got a clue

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    Default encoding. i havent got a clue

    hi folks im completely new to this concept and am probably way out of my depth so please go easy on me and try not to baffle me with jargon and try not to confuse this idiot.

    ok i was that bored the other day that i even considered getting the christmas shopping done. i came to my sences and realised thats what christmas eve is for. so i decided on going for a drive around the countryside near were i live as thought it might make a good film to practice some video editing on. so i managed to get the camera mounted ( read bodged ) into the car and set off. managed to get around 30 minutes of film on a really good stretch of road up the side of a local fell. i came home and 'captured' it with pinnacle studio 9. i got it down to around 13mins of good footage that wasnt to wobbly or had too much road noise. this as an .avi file was 2gb.

    i imported it into premeire 6.5 and set to work tidying things up, adding some music and generally making it a good as i could for a 1st ever attempt. managed to get it down to 8m37sec and am now a little stuck on how to compress it. i sorry i mean encode it into a format that i can use to put on my website. i tried to export it as a standard mpeg2 ( i just ran whatever settings were at default when it fired up) conversion with premiere and it came out as 276mb. not to good as i only have 50mb of webspace to play with. i then tried it as a realplayer conversion , that came out as 14.6mb but was crap quality and not really watchable.

    can i encode it in any way that i can get it under the 50mb??? i havent any idea what to ecode it as or what settings to use. can anyone throw a little light on it for me please


    ps sorry if i have rambled on a little
    the one man fate made indestructable

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    Yes. wmv or xvid .

    For WMV use Windows Media Encoder
    get your review and quick start guide --> here <-- (you may want to have a play around)

    For xvid, use VirtualDub. Get VirtualDub ---> here <-- and the xvid codec here:

    Open up VirtualDub (browse to where you unzipped the files and double click on VirtualDub.exe)

    1) File > Open video file > browse to file

    2) Video > Filters

    3) Add > then select resize and enter the values you want, something like(320x240)

    4) Click ok. Click ok again. You should now be back to the main screen

    5) Select Video Compression. Select XviD MPEG-4 Codec

    6) Click Configure. Click the button circled below so that it reads target bitrate. Enter a number eg. 750.

    7) Click OK until you are back to the main screen.

    Select Audio > Full Processing Mode, then Audio > Compression. Select the options as below MP3, 128Kbps, 44.1KHz

    9) Click OK. Select File > Save as AVI and enter a filename and location.

    And WELCOME to the forums and the wonderful world of video editing.
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    the one man fate made indestructable

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    the one man fate made indestructable

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    the one man fate made indestructable

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    Thanks marc. i havent tried the divx version yet. had a play about with the media encoder and made this.

    pretty crap im enjoying learning
    the one man fate made indestructable

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    Probably the best compressor for internet viewing is Sorensen Video 3 - you'll need to have Quicktime installed and export as a Quicktime .MOV file. Compression to around 50-75%, keyframe every second, mono audio, should get you a pretty good result.
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