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Thread: External HD w/ USB 2.0 Connection, is it enough?

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    Default External HD w/ USB 2.0 Connection, is it enough?

    I work as assistant video editor for 7 months now, and hardware was (almost) never an issue, since the place where I work is provided with all the hardware and setup I needed for editing.

    But I'm starting now to bring projects to my own home, and of course I had to make some upgrades in my computer.

    -- The question is: does the USB2.0 from my external HD have enough speed/stability so I can edit any video material? Providing I don't intend to do any DV "capture" directly to it (to avoid any frame loss during the capture).
    I'm using AVID here at home, btw.


    Ps: sorry for any english mistakes and technical words that I used that may be completely different in english hehehehe.

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    I have occasionally edited from a usb hard drive and it is very dependant on the drive as some of them will have slower drive to reduce costs etc because they are meant to be more portable than anything.

    you can do simple cuts and a crossfade and i can get 2 tracks of video on and then the hard drive becomes a bottle neck.

    btw i use Standard Deffinition DV filed in premiere pro cs4 i'm not sure about AVID.

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