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Thread: New to filming, advice on camcorders.

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    Default New to filming, advice on camcorders.


    First of all, I am new to this forum, so thank you for all the help in advance.

    I have just graduated from Uni and am now working as a structual Engineer until I go and do a ski season in December. Skiing is a great passion of mine and I am particually intrested in Freestyle skiing etc...

    I am saving up for a video Camera to take out with me to record me and my friends and eventaully go onto producing a video of all the good footage we have.

    So as a complete novice in video cameras which hardware do you think is suitable? HDV/DV, SD, HardDrive, DVD etc... so many to choose from.

    Would you recommend buying a second hand camera as apposed to buying a new one?

    I have around £500 and could strech depending on the equipment. It would also be nice to get a cheap tri-pod and a wide angle lens to capture the skiing. Would i also need filters as ski slopes are really bright?

    I am currently searching and reading old posts for information that has already been posted.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    After looking into and reading other posts, mybe getting a HDV prosumer camera will be suitable. This is largly down to the better editing capabilities that tape can provide over other formats such as hard drive, memory card etc...

    So finding a camera such as Canon HV30 would be good? I can get a wide lens attachment for it and a small triport and various filters.

    What other cameras should i be looking at?

    I mentioned £500 as thats the figure i want to stay as near as possiable to, can not afford to go in excess of £1000 but that would include all the other equipment that i would need, as mentioned above.


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