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    Default my vid

    click here

    once the page loads, right-click on the video icon and save to your comp to avoid buffering. sorry for the low quality. i had to compress down to under 20mb in order to upload.

    let me know what you think and please gimme tips on how to improve future vids.


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    Good video
    Only thing i`d say is maybe a couple of different camera angles, because it seemed to be just straight from the back of the boat all the time. If you could shoot from the site that would be cool, but i guess you would need another boat unless you get someone to stand on land.

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    Some nice shots there, but as mentioned it does tend to get a bit repetative. A few things you might want to consider:

    1) A point of reference can give a bit more impact to a shot. Try and get the boat in the frame for a few shots - even if that means dangling yourself over the edge. You could for example get the name of the boat at the back in shot then see the skier pop out from behind it.

    2) You used the fade transition a LOT. I tend to stick to this for slower romantic or moody shots. You also used fade to black - again, I'm not sure this is suited to high impact, high energy videos. I tend to rely on hard cuts for this, which look great on high motion. Try using a flash type transition if you want to go down the transition route - or s slide transition alternating between vertical and horizontal depending on the postition of the skier.

    3) Try and coble together a few different shots with similar action. You can then switch from one shot to another so it appears different people are completeing the same trick. If you can't do that, get a series of shots where the skier go out of shot and back in again - each time the skier goes out of shot, have another coming back in.

    4) Try freeze framing at the peak of tricks. Or intersecting the video with black video so that it looks like a photo shoot.

    5) Zoom in on a skier so that he is almost in the entire frame - choose a piece of video where the amount of magnification is the least required to minimise loss of quality in post production.

    6) Perhaps use juxtaposition. Have a clip such as the one where someone says, "I've never seen a horse", right in the middle of a few clips.

    7) Take a look at some skating or BMX videos

    Just a few thoughts for you...
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    thanks for the tips!

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    A lot of the scene changes have what looks like black frames in between them. It just seemed a bit distracting. It was also a little too long, which I think is a mistake that every single video editor (me included) does. The rule I usaully try to stick to now is, cut out as much as you think you can... then cut half of that out.

    Doesn't always work, but a mistake I made is that you don't have to explain absolutely everything. If you make it too long people will lose interest.

    The camera shots were great though, the music set the mood and made me want to go and do it. Except I've never done it before


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