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Thread: Skateboarding Trick Tip I filmed & Edited.

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    Default Skateboarding Trick Tip I filmed & Edited.

    This is my first trick tip edited.
    [ame=]YouTube - Trick Tips: Will Pousant Kickflip Backtail Bigspin[/ame]

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    nice edit. what lens is that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    nice edit. what lens is that ?
    Its a raynox mx3000.
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    Great vid... Can I ask camera type, editing software and format...?

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    Maybe it's because I'm not a skater, but the point of this is lost on me.

    If it's a demonstration of the guy's skills then it's a bit unimaginitive - though it becomes very clear from watching it the level of skill required; something "show off" vids don't generally do. Usually with such vids the uninitiated have aboslutely no idea of the skills required as we just see the finished trick which, if done well, is made to look easy.

    If it's meant to be a tutorial, it fails as all it does is tell you the component parts. A tutorial about buliding a house done the same way would be:
    First you dig the foundtations.
    Then you build the walls.
    Once you've got the walls really good, you put on a roof.

    As I said, maybe I missed the point.

    From a technical viewpoint, the shots were generally good - we could see what was happening with the skateboard and that is what matters.
    Sound for the opening line was virtually inaudible. The rest of it was spoken too quickly for me to understand but that may simply be a combination of struggling with both the accent and the jargon.

    I'd suggest lower thirds with captions identifying the moves.

    (For example a good guitar tut will show the fingering, name the chord verbally and show the chord written)

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    Quote Originally Posted by codda View Post
    Great vid... Can I ask camera type, editing software and format...?
    Sony VX1000 with Raynox Lens.
    Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
    Format?? AVI

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    I have been hanging out at the local skate park of late and I much enjoyed this video, apart from the skills shown here it was well shot and edited..

    If anything what I would have liked to see is a complete slow motion of the complete trick, so we can see exactly what's going on to form these tricks.

    One thing I noticed was the steel section you were sliding on was very shiny, was this polished to make the tricks easier to perform ?
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    I agree the speech was very hard to understand, and I still dont know the component parts of the full trick. It would be better for them to be named on screen to assist the hard of hearing

    The action is also too quick me for to actually appreciate the skill going on here as well. You did use some slow motion but it needs to be way slow so that aspiring skate boarders can see what it is they are trying to learn.

    Well put together though and your on the right tracks to some good how to do it type movies

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