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    Wink Estate agent videos

    Can anyone help me
    we use video for property sales. there is a clever program that displays the floorplan of the house alongside with a red dot indicating the current location of the shot. please see this link


    can you tell me how they do this or what program it might be???
    many thanks for any help.

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    They used glidecam or equivalent (very badly) with a wide angel lens to shoot the video. The video is so "wobly" that I wouldn't be surprised if merely a tripod was used.

    A floor plan with a moving red dot can be created in any video editing software that has multiple layers and key frames. The floor plan is imported into an editor and placed on a layer on the timeline. A red dot is similary imported and place on the timeline (set with transparency). This is then moved around the screen by defining placement and key frames.

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    Thanks Marc, very much appreciated

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