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    here is my first family video of my parents, sister, and grandparents. wasn't planned at all, just thought it was a good moment.

    apologies for it being in another language.. its just light jokes. the game is two vs two, and they are joking about who is cheating

    i spent quite a bit of time on editing color, and not much time at all in editing the sequences, or planning the shots.

    [ame=""]Card Game on Vimeo[/ame]

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    Captures the spirit quite well. Looked in some places not unlike a TV "fly on the wall" reality documentary.

    The biggest problem was the continual hunting for focus and exposure levels. I'm not sure whether ths was you trying to focus manually or whether the camera was set to auto - in which case it's pretty slow to react when compared with a dedicated video camera. This continual going oin & out of focus and exposure adjustment was just too much of a distraction for me.

    There's some evidence of the same sort of problem in your aquarium trailer - though it's nowhere near as pronouced as the shots don't change focal length so much.

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    It definitely has that documentary feel to it and it does capture your family enjoying themselves playing cards. There is a very noticable blue cast on the video, given the choice between blue and orange I would go for orange although setting the white balance at the start is best. I noticed one jarring cut near the start, the focus is hunting in a lot of shots and it was all shot from the same height. You need to change the height from head height to waist height to low angles to vary the visuals if the main subject matter stays the same for the entire video.

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