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Thread: Using Flash Lite for mobiles

  1. Default Using Flash Lite for mobiles

    Not sure if this is the right topic for here but I'm interested in developing video for use on mobile phones using the Flash Lite format which I believe is one of the most popular types available at present.

    Does anyone know how to create a video for use on mobile phones in this format? Presumably you need Flash Professional software but I'm not 100% sure.


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    Can you not just use an NLE and output to Flash with the correct settings so it runs on mobile phones. It seems a bit of a waste having to buy extra software to do that if your NLE can take a finished video file and then convert it to flv or swf?

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    I agree but what prompted my question is that I've just updated the software on my Nokia N95 8Gb which includes Flash Lite capability. I assumed this meant my phone could play all flash files but no; when I try to view some of my own flash videos on t'internet through my phone it's still saying I need to download flash.

    So my question is if my phone can play Flash Lite files, how do I create them!?

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