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Thread: Vertically inverting image?

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    Default Vertically inverting image?

    I was wondering how I could flip an upside-down image right-side up? I was trying to get some low to the ground "stedi-cam" shots using my tripod with the camera inverted. I thought it'd be easy to flip it back, but I can't find and option. I'm using Sony Vegas 8 BTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casualty View Post
    I thought it'd be easy to flip it back, . ..
    And it is!

    1] Place the Media on the Timeline and on the far right of the event Left click on the square "Event Pan/Crop" icon

    2] Directly Right click on the Event's image, that appears in the Pan/Crop workspace, and select "Flip Vertically"


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    Odd. I don't get a "Pan/Crop workspace" when I click the box like that. Any idea why not? I do remember getting something like that now, from when I first got the program. The little square goes in yet nothing comes up.

    I can go directly to the "project media" and click it to rotate clockwise twice and it inverts, but I'd prefer the more elegant solution with the box you're referring to.
    Thanks for the help.
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    Sorry. I think I have it now. The box was hidden behind the mixer. Whew! Thanks again!

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