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Thread: Render Farming in Premiere Pro..... is it possible?

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    Default Render Farming in Premiere Pro..... is it possible?

    I know Adobe After Effects has a plugin that allows you to link numerous computers together in order to render a project in a fraction of the time, but does anyone know if it's possible to do the same in Premiere Pro?

    Or am I just being bloomin impatient and have to get with the programme and just accept when it says it's going to take 2 hours, it's going to take 2 hours.


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    I remember waiting for things to render. Didn't like it one little bit.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    What are you trying to render?

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    What am I trying to render? Okay, I may have put this the wrong way because really when I think about it it was the DVD encoding that caused me the biggest headache lately with one of my projects, but I shall explain anyway, you may know ways to speed things up.

    Generally my work changes from day to day. Most of the time I'm editing down wedding videos, boring cross fade transitions etc. or I'm converting HI-8 or VHS to DVD and putting menus etc. on them. However, I've recently done a few school projects, one being my son's final assembly at his previous school which is now closed (hence final assembly) and this one particular project did take some time to finish off.

    Admittedly I had done this on a mac using Final Cut Pro, but since going out and buying Premiere Pro I've started moving my projects onto the PC and I'm hoping that these things aren't going to take the same length of time on the PC but am looking at all options to make a seriously kick ass rendering PC so that I could get thru my workload quicker.

    The easy part for this final assembly was the main concert where it was simply a case of taking the recorded footage and at the beginning of each song I used a Digital Juice jumpback clip that I tinted and distorted to fit the lower third and had these fade in and fade out with the title of the song fading in over the top of it.

    The start of this section began with a digital still photo of the embroidered badge of my son's school jumper which slowly reduced from close up, 100% down to about 25% so that the whole logo was in view in the middle of the screen and then some credits faded in and out at the bottom.

    Then with the audio, because I didn't really have any surround sound equipment there, I duplicated the main audio track, marked out the points where the audience clapped or there were loud bits of singing, and adjusted the volume so that the audience clapping would appear in the surrounding speakers. Because I was rapidly running out of time I had to do away with the LFE and Centre tracks, simply opting to put a silent audio for the LFE and a mix of the left and right main audio for the centre track and set it away rendering.

    When I set it away exporting it said that it would take approx 5 hours. 8 hours later it finally decided it was finished. Needless to say that meant my mac was sitting there chewing through this film all day.

    After that I did a final montage showing some of the teachers, newspaper clippings about the school closing, pictures on the walls at the school etc, but because there were kids squeezing past as I was videoing this, most of the clips I had were either shakey or not very long and as a result, most of the footage, to get it to fit properly, was either slowed down to 20% or even 10% and in some cases reversed, loads of cross fades and ghosting with two clips over the top, one being at half opacity.

    This 4 minute song took about an hour to export.

    After that I did a few quick motion menus of around 4 seconds each which gladly only took approx 1 minute to export, but all in all, the time taken for this project did drag on quite a bit and as I only have the one mac and numerous PC's I was contemplating the prospect of doing future projects on the PC, and if it was possible to render faster using more machines then it would then be a route I'd seriously look into.

    As it happens, everyone who's seen the DVD (as I did it for a number of the parents of the children at the school) have been over the moon with it and had I actually charged for it I would have probably made the money back to make up for the time I've spent on it, but as it was I could've really done with it not taking as long, and as projects like this are starting to become more and more available to me, I want to find every option I can to speed up the process.

    Next year I know I have a few more U12's football matches to edit down and mix. I had looked at putting the timecode in the top along with the score results etc. and the team names as you normally see on a proper football match, along with details of the goal scorers, but when I set this away rendering (on the mac again) it was basically a case of "I'll render this, but you're going to be here all night, if you want to go home at a reasonable hour I suggest you take this silly crap off those other layers and just let me render the match itself", and I took it's advice and took the other layers back off.

    Boy, I do like to waffle don't I.

    But for the record...... there's nothing seriously pressing at the moment that I'm wanting to render quickly, other than everything I do.


    All the best and thanks for any help offered.

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    Sounds like it's taking a lot longer to render than I'd imagine. I never use Premiere to output to MPEG - I render the timeline for realtime playback, export to DV AVI, then use a dedicated convertor to encode to MPEG2.

    Of course, this depends greatly on the effects used. However, as I generally render the timeline as I edit and outputting to DV AVI is so quick, it's the MPEG encoding that takes the time.

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    You and me both mate.

    As it happens, I used to export to .DV and then to MPEG2, but, even considering i've got some 1600Gb flamin storage, with maybe 100Gb of it free it was the whole having two large .dv or .avi files on the drive essentially containing the same information that started me off exporting direct to .M2V and .AIF or .WAV

    I suppose really, if I was to be a bit tidier and do more housekeeping to free up my drives instead of filling em with crap, then I could afford to export the file to .AVI and then drop it onto another machine to convert to .M2V while I worked on the next bit.

    Good thinking squirrel!

    Boy do I feel sheepish

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    Oops, while I'm still here, (before I head off home)... you mentioned dedicated encoder.

    I used to use Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro on the MAC but DVD Studio Pro basically installed the MPEG2 encoder for quicktime which could be used from any Quicktime application and therefore I exported direct from Final Cut Pro.

    I'm now changing to Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Encore DVD (please tell me I don't need to buy any more software this transition's flamin cripplin my bank balance) and have found that I have the option to encode from Premiere or within Encore.

    So what 'Dedicated' encoder would you suggest?


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    I shall look into those.

    The canopus ADVC 100 is/was the first analog to digital convertor i bought for importing my HI-8 and VHS tapes and I have to say it's still going strong so I'm initially a great fan of Canopus as being a company who sell some descent stuff.

    I'm assuming therefore that this thing is a quicker encoder than those that come with Premiere Pro and Encore DVD. Crap.... I can hear more money trying to get out of my wallet.

    You should be on commission mate.

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    Not really quicker to be honest, but it does mean you don't have Premiere tied up and I just prefer using an external encoder that's designed specifically for the job...

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