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Thread: just a breif intro of an upcoming video i'm making

  1. Default just a breif intro of an upcoming video i'm making

    first of all, i don't consider myself an expert in video, as i am just beginning to learn. i'm more into photography, and since my d90 which i recieved recently has hd video recording, i have started to get interested in it a lot.

    i have made 3 videos so far. two of them 'family' videos from vacation, which i'll post on vimeo (and hopefully get some critique from here another time)

    the third is a series of 'video snaps' (does that make sense?) i visited the florida aquarium, and was blown away by what i saw. so i thought it would be nice to record rather than take photos.

    here is a very quick edit i put together, i'll add more footage, but the rest of the video will be exactly like this, since is this is the only type of footage i shot of each tank i filmed at. what do you think? how could i improve it? would it be interesting enough? thx.

    [ame=]Florida Aquarium (D90 video snaps) on Vimeo[/ame]

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    I really like it

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    Some nice shots, but don't devote the entire video to the fish. Show other stuff going on at the place and include people shots too if you can. A few establishing shots of the exterior would help as not all of us know where this place is or what it looks like. The first scene is out of focus at the start, you need to edit that part out. Also don't use a continious music track all the way through, just use if for the fish tank scenes, but use the recorded audio for the rest of your film.

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