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Thread: cross process look?

  1. Default cross process look?

    using sony vegas 9
    any ideas?

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    For those who don't know, this is a "look" much vaunted by the photographic "stills" Fashion biz where film stock of one rating would/is processed/developed in chemicals intended for another. If you have seen "Domino" by Tony Scott (2005), he beautifully uses masses of this to great effect AND AT THE most appropriate times. Using this on video you can also assist the visual concept of "other" by messing with the frame rates. Nice!

    The results can be high contrast with colours that can be, at the same time, washed-out or/and saturated at the same time. Last week I used this approach on a very short piece of video.

    OK, in VP9 try slapping on "Contrast" through Colour Curves and adjusting the curve; applying grads on a higher track; messing with Burn and Dodge on the track header or doubling tracks and then apply "Multiply". Much to do here. Waaaaay back there was a chap who developed a VP9 preset Kodak Ektachrome "looks" that you could just apply apply.

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