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Thread: DVD - Please help!

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    Default DVD - Please help!

    Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me :

    I have a movie in an .avi format.

    I want to burn this movie on a dvd so I can watch it on a dvd player.

    I tried to use the Pinnacle program, but it does not burn it. I get to the third part of the program I 'start' the burning and it is just writing: 'Creating a contest' and that is it. Of course I set everything right.

    ok, Does anybody know a program that will burn a dvd?
    Or a program that will convert .avi to .vob file?

    I am really lost :( . maybe somebody has a good guide 'step by step' for the begginer?

    Thank you,
    The Princess

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    I assume you want a freeware method? First off, use TMPGenc to convert your AVI to DVD compliant MPEG2, then ifo edit to create the vob files, then your DVD bruning app to create the disc

    For a detailed explanation, see this thread:
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    Default Thanks

    Thank you dude, I will try to do that!!
    Well done :P


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