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    When all plugged in to my PC my canon has this message;

    While the camcorder is connected to a PC, do not disconnect the usb cable or power source. Do not turn off power or change modes

    What? great, now that my camera is connected up it has to stay connected to my pc forever if I read these guidelines literally?

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    Yup, I got the same message.

    What's worse, try and switch off the camcorder... all the controls are disabled! You have to "eject" the camcorder from the PC first. With a Mac, once you've "ejected" it you can unplug the usb cable, with my PC I ended up switching the PC off before risking it.

    Oh yeah, it means (of course) don't disconnect the camcorder's power or switch it off. When you power down the PC, it automatically shuts down any drivers.

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    I have a HF 200 and I got that message the first time I copied files from the card onto the hard disk using a USB cable. The next day I went to Argos and bought an external memory card reader and have been using it since. No more messages.

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    Ok, so how do I eject my camera from the pc? dont really want more programs to do this - i have been just unplugging the usb.........none of my other external hard drive gear has problems with me doing this so why should the camera be any different?

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    Good call on the HF200 Niko, aren't these little Canons just brilliant? Just started editing some footage shot with my HF11 and I'm blown away with the quality.

    Mr Bell.. On your PC, with Windows, you should have a little row of icons at the bottom right of your screen. In amongst those small icons next to the clock (on windows XP) is one which looks like a green arrow on rop of a little grey box. If you click on it, a list of the USB hardware connected to your PC comes up. If your Canon's connected, it should be listed. Click on it and then a message should appear telling you that it's safe to disconnect the hardware.

    I also tend to unplug usb stuff without going through the "removal" stage and haven't had any disasters yet, but with camcorders (bearing in mind how much they cost) I tend to do it the "right" way.

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    I thought so, but like you I hardly use that as windows never had it before and there have been no dramas before. What would canon have done if we didnt have this on our pc's? I think translation got lost when the chinese tried to put this into the camera - no room for alternate opinions even in software eh?

    But thanks fellas - problem solved on this level at least.....

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