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Thread: video catastrophy...need help!

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    Default video catastrophy...need help!

    Hi all, I'm new here and need some assistance and ideas. Here's my dilemma...
    I got married this past weekend and the ceremony and reception was recorded on my Sony DCR-SR42 camera. The video came out crystal clear and it is perfect except for one thing...I didn't realize that nightshot (infared) was activated on the camera. As a result there is no blue at all on the video making all the colors become totally wrong. I have tried (software) color correction and filters with little or no improvement at all. My question is there ANY WAY to fix this issue so I can salvage my wedding video? Is there a filter that will reverse the effects of the infared filter that was inadvertantly used?
    Any help would be a Godsend!!

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    All you can do is try to color correct this.

    what programs do you have?

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