Hi All,

I have been making a few wedding videos each year for the last couple of years. I started with a Sony PD-170 and Premiere Pro 1.5. I have since moved to v2.0, CS3 and just trying CS4 as of this week. I am still using the PD-170 though.

When I first started shooting wedding videos and a few shows, I didn't have a clue what I was doing and so I bought a book by Jacob Rosenberg that's all about Premiere Pro 1.5 and I upgraded that book to v2.0 when that came out. My workflow is largely my own invention based on what I have read in books and what I have experimented with on various bits of software. I was wondering what people thought and whether I may be missing anything major or there might be something I could do differently and hence better? See what you think:

- Pull footage into Premiere Pro on a separate drive (ie not the system drive).
- Set my scratch disks to a third drive.
- Sort my footage into custom bins (Intro, Ceremony, Cake, Photos, Dancing, First Dance, Speeches etc).
- Add custom bins for music, titles and stills etc.
- Import relevant music, stills etc.
- Create sequences for all the major parts of the video (Intro, Ceremony, Cake, Photos, Dancing, First Dance, Speeches etc).
- Drop all the relevant clips into the timeline for the first sequence and then go through it chopping and changing as appropriate.
- Go through the sequence and add colour correction where required.
- Add titles where required.

** Repeat for all sequences **

- Create a MASTER sequence and drop all the above sequences in.
- Render the MASTER sequence to AVI and import as an asset into Encore.

Anyone any thoughts? This workflow is largely my own invention on the assumption that everyone works like this. Reckon I have got it close to how a pro might work?