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Thread: Looking for a flash camcorder with great sound recording!

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    Default Looking for a flash camcorder with great sound recording!

    Hey there! First of all I looked around this forum and I like how specific it is and all the different categories for all sorts of stuff I'll probably need help with in future :P

    I'll cut right to it I guess

    I'm looking for a flash camcorder that has great audio recording. I'm a drummer and I basically want to upload videos to YouTube of me playing along to my favourite songs. I'd be recording myself (video and audio) and putting it over the actual song mp3 (which would be quieter to focus on my drum sound of course) and upload the video from there.

    So I want to buy a nice camera, but I also want a nice crisp-as-possible sound so I can get the best out of my drums without having to buy microphones all over the kit.

    Here is an example of my friend doing this with an old MiniDV camera (no thanks!)

    Notice how the drums are really clear, only using the camera's microphone!
    That is a JVC GR-D270U camera, by the way.

    PS I don't want to spend more than 150 or so on this, my friend got that camera for lower than that I believe. If you guys can find out what kind of microphone his camera uses and maybe find an equivelent that I could buy that'd be so awesome. Cheers!

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    A lot of it is microphone placement, especially with a single mic - such as one on a camera. i personally don't think that audio is that good, it is heavily compressed and the automatic gain is quite pronounce,

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    well I guess its good enough for me at least anyway

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    can anybody help? would be extremely appreciated

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    This may not be the answer you want but to get anywhere with drumming, you will need drum mics at some point in time. they are a worthwhile investment for any drummer and i recommend on you getting some.

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    yeah I know, but I really want a camera just now. Check that youtube video out, does anyone know of a camera that could record on that level?

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    I wonder if the answer is that almost any camera can record just as badly. At high volumes, to avoid distortion from clipping; cameras may use an audio compressor. In effect, as the volume approaches the maximum volume the camera can handle; the volume is artificially lowered.
    Sadly, the effect can be quite noticeable. Although the sound is clear, there will be loss in the dynamics. A softly hit drum might sound as loud a one hit hard. However, since the advent of "the loudness war" (; less people care.

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    I know about the loudness war and stuff.

    Please help! I know that audio example isn't amazing, I just want a camera that can record at that "quality". Surely someone can help out?? hehe

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