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    Default HD Video Storage Workflow

    Hello all,

    I hope this hasn't been covered too much before.

    I'm looking for everyone's ideas on the best way to manage HD video files in terms of storage, within their workflow.

    My workflow is basically:

    1) Digitise from Z1
    2) Edit in Final Cut / tweak with After Effects
    3) Export to a)tape b)DVD c)harddisk

    Fine, simple, but as I'm doing more and more I'm obviously spending more of my time shuffling files around between internal disks, external USB and firewire disks, and a NAS.

    I wondered what everyone else is doing... I'm going to need to buy more disk space soon (at the moment it's a random assortment of externals + the system disk in my MacPro) and thought it would be good to make an informed choice.

    Currently considering the following two options (I'm sure you all have many others I haven't thought of):

    Internal RAID setup for digitising and editing, archiving off to external disks
    External disks for digitising and editing (fast enough?)

    Any advice happily received! It's going to get more important soon, as I'm going to upgrade my camera (a whole new topic!!) and also will be working with RED in the next month or so..

    Thanks for your help


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    I reckon we all have this problem toone degree or another. I adopt a lightly different perspective to yourself on the matter though.

    Time is money and HDDs are cheap (relatively). Absolutely DO NOT use external USB drives for archibing video EVER. It'll take all day to archive anything worthwhile off to/from them.

    My approach is to invest about 20 in a e-sata cradle and buy OEM sata drives and drop them in it - just like memory cards into a slot. Not exactly hot swappable but swappable when PC is off. These then run at internal drive speeds and they are not bolted in anywhere. Cheap as chips (compared to the time it saves me) and you can store them away.

    I use this one.

    [ame=] Mate USA005S/E 2.5"/3.5" USB 2.0/eSATA SATA Hard Drive Dock (Black): Electronics[/ame]

    Didn't buy mine from there. It was just the first match on google just now.

    Just my 2p

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    Do you connect your's via esata?

    i was thinking of getting a hard drive cradle that goes into one of your cd drive bays. has anyone used one of these before?

    i'm a bit worried about handling the drives and perhaps touching a component or *gulp* dropping it.

    i always though usb drive would be the best bet to archiving your masters due to their convenience. internally its the same except the hdd is plugged into a controller which has a usb/firewire/esata out.

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