I am not a complete novice but in your league I guess I am!

Anyway, I am desperately hoping someone can help, as we have captured footage very special to us and I am mortified that I cannot find a resolve. Excuse me if I am speaking in simple terms.

I have recently brought a Luminox HD dvc - Model LXDVC527. Have a new Dell laptop with pentium dual core, 2gbRAM etc etc on Windows Vista Premium.

Want to import video on to laptop (PAL). I even reduced the resolution of the capture to see if this was the problem to 720 but still have the same problem on viewing whether capturing in HD or reduced. When we view / playback on the DVC itself all is fine. Once video has been imported to laptop it staggers so badly we cant watch it. Have sound running smooth but the video skips frames etc. Tried importing via software that came with cam and also direct via USB. Same problem when viewing, whatever I view in.