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Thread: Dropping frames, tried all obvious stuff PL Help

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    Default Dropping frames, tried all obvious stuff PL Help

    I Think.. Hope you can help - read previous postings. transfering from a panasonic DV via firewire to a P4 XP PC. checked drive settings (dma), de-fragged, got rid of spyware. Tried several different software incuding WinDv but am still dropping 1/4 frames when transfering to PC. Am desperate to get my movies onto my PC.

    Any ideas/ what am i missing?

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    Can you advise what capture software you are using, and any other details in regard to capture settings.

    COMPAQ something or other with 500Gb Boot Disk, 1Tb external Firewire Disk, 4Gb Memory and a super duper sound card, 19" TFT Monitor etc etc etc
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