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Thread: warning do not use this company ....

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    Came across this company when i was googling to buy Premiere Elements 7. This company came up with a price of 19.99 inc free delivery....yes, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is

    Anyway long story short, i payed via paypal and received the software through the post but its a pirate copyI dont know/care if it works i just want my money refunded but are not responding to my emails.

    I dont have phone number but i do have an address for the "company" ? when i google the address it comes up as a unit that's up FOR SALE.

    Ive since bought PE7 from Amazon for a more realistic 54.00. i should have done this in the first place (isn't hindsight a wonderful thing)

    any sugestions on how i get my money back
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    with paypla you are insured for up to i think it's 2000, send paypal an email and go from there.

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    I would send an e-mail threatening to inform Adobe about the transaction, inform FACT (Federation against Copyright Theft) and make a complain to the local police that they are "obtaining money by deception" by misrepresenting their products.... Unless you get a refund within the next 5 days.

    Paypal do have a complaints proceedure to help claim your money back but I think you'll find that the insurance is only for purchases made on ebay.

    I would inform Adobe anyway, pirate firms like this are the reason that software costs so much in the first place.

    (PS the "deception" would never get to court but the last thing a dodgy firm wants is the attention of the local old bnill called to their activities.)

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    Result of WHOIS query:

    Domain name: Registrant: Farhad Kaynak Registrant type: UK Individual Registrant's address: The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service. Registrar: Tense Internet Limited t/a Relevant dates: Registered on: 13-Mar-2007 Renewal date: 13-Mar-2011 Last updated: 30-Jun-2009 Registration status: Registered until renewal date. Name servers: WHOIS lookup made at 11:25:46 30-Aug-2009

    And they've suddenly got a 'Closing Down' sale on.....

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    cheers for the info fellas

    i got an email from paypal saying i have a full refund ..... still no word from

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