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    This is my first post so I will start with a hello!

    I have a couple of questions I hope you will be able to help me with?

    I am planning on making a film next year of wildlife. However, I have never used a video camera in my life; I currently have only ever used a stills camera and lenses. I take my photography seriously so don't mind paying for top quality gear.

    My questions are these

    1. I need to travel light, it will be just me, on my own filming wildlife (for a few weeks). So, the camera needs to be small(ish) have a decent zoom (without losing IQ) when fully zoomed in. I will be walking on my own for miles so it does need to be something quite lightweight if possible
    2. It has to have a broadcast quality. I don't care if the cost is large, but not silly money like the BBC use!
    3. Would I need a separate mic? I would need to film myself talking at times.
    4. What is a good editing package?
    5. A good suggestion for a Tripod. I currently use a Gitzo 1548 with a Wimberly head for my stills, but of course this is a completely different kettle of fish and weighs a good few pounds!

    As I have said, I don't have any previous knowledge on the subject, but would appreciate some answers to my questions, other than “buy something cheap and see if you like it” kind of answer, no offence intended by that remark, but having read other posts (not here) that’s usually the answer given, which for me is not going to help much.

    I appreciate your time and answers.

    Thank you

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    The one detail you left out is how much do you want to spend?

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    As I say, I don't mind as long as its not silly money.

    For arguments sake, say up to £6000. I would pay more if it was worth it and suited my needs.


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