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    Question From A - Z Urgent Help Please

    My husband has a Sony Mini DV Handycam, which uses 8mm cassettes & Memory Cards.
    When he first bought it, some 8 or nine years ago, there was a CD with it, in our move to Spain four years ago, it seems to have gone missing. We now find ourselves with quite a few tapes, old and new, with no way of getting them onto my PC.

    I have an iLink cable, and a Sony PC, so all should be well, but without the disc, which program can I use to "connect" the camera to the PC and actually see the film?
    The PC is hardly ever used, as I have a laptop which has all the latest updates etc;
    The PC is a Sony Vaio, running Windows XP Pro., Int.Pentium 4, ATI Radeon 9200. CPU 2.60 GHz

    The Laptop, which I would prefer to use is Acer Extensa (Spanish) also running Windows XP Pro., Int. Celeron Processor 585, up to 732MB Moblie Intel Graphics, 2.16 GHz The wording on this Laptop is in Spanish, so much of it does not make good sense,(to me anyway) if more information is required, I will do my best to provide it.

    In a nutshell, I need to get my 8mm cassette to run on one or other of my systems, but how? Do I need to purchase a program? If so which one would be best, or easiest to use? I have a USB which fits the camera, besides the iLink.

    I expect I will eventually want to try editing the films, and burn them onto a DVD, but at the moment I will be happy just to be able to see them on a large screen.

    BTW. In the past we have shown the films on the TV screen, but for some unknown reason, the TV we have at the moment (also Spanish) will not show the films!! We have the correct White, Yellow, Red, connectors, but no go!

    Please, if anyone can help me, I will be eternally grateful if they can use the full words, and not abbreviations, I am a newbe at this. lol

    Many thanks in advance.


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    If you have an iLink cable (aka Firewire or IEEE1394) and iLink ports on the camera and your PC and Windows XP you're good to go.
    With WIndows XP is a program "Windows Movie Maker". Find and open that and search for "capture" which will allow you to transfer the movies from your camcorder to your PC.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I do not seem to have "Windows Movie Maker" on the Sony PC, but it should be no problem downloading it.

    I spent hours trying to open the cassette, such a simple solution when you know how!
    Good job there are people like you willing to help us beginners.

    Many thanks again.


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    You should have some version of Windows Movie Maker on your computer or if you want to download this freeware video editor, then click on Video Editing Software - Edit Videos, AVI, Movies and Add Music

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    Try a restore and see if that helps first...

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