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Thread: [Press Release] New, free video editing suite by Tenomichi

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    Default [Press Release] New, free video editing suite by Tenomichi

    Perhaps Marc could download a copy and do a review on this at some point. Then again, perhaps any of us could do that

    Tenomichi begins free issue of GPU-powered video-editing suite.

    Tenomichi has begun the free issuing of its new video editing suite 3D Edit. This revolutionary editing suite is the first in the world to use the GPU alone for all its special effects and its interface.

    3D Edit literally turns any DX9 graphics card into a real time edit suite with the video being edited and affected inside the graphics chip (GPU).

    3D Edit includes Tenomichi's Shaderman libraries, which create special FX in real time and have been developed with the assistance of both Nvidia's and ATI's technology teams. Shaderman can create FX like fire, colour correction, chroma keying and complex FX found in the games industry. Also contained are 3D/2D transitions, eight video tracks, 22 audio tracks, video capture, video management tools, on-chip rendering and mixing.

    3D Edit's unique 3D interface enables the user to zoom into video and increases the screen real estate. A new type of help system called "Show Me" takes control of the program with a second mouse icon and demonstrates how to use the program by example, operating it for the user.

    "3D Edit contains a number of world first achievements and uses these to offer TRUE, full screen, real time rendering and display of video with shader FX" said Richard Faria, Director. "Its ability to handle different formats like DVDR, DV and mpeg4 make it ideal for working with camcorders and mobile devices. Use a PCI Express card and our new uncompressed video feature and you have a high quality broadcast editing system."

    A fully functioning version of 3D Edit Version 2.00.05 can be downloaded free from Its only restriction is a copyright notice printed on the recorded video.

    At only $116.39, 3D Edit Gold brings affordable real time editing with special FX to everyone.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Sounds fantastic!

    The only reason I want to upgrade my PC is to do video editing, but I want a new geforce vid card anyway, so if I can get a program that does all that on the GPU, that wil be reet grand (assuming it doesn't just use pci-express).

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    I'm in the middle of writing a quick email to the company. I'll keep you updated on details and expect a full review soon...
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    Discuss the digital-director review of 3D Edit in the thread!
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