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Thread: : how do i view or watch animations and upload them to my program

  1. Default : how do i view or watch animations and upload them to my program

    after downloading animations and 3d ships and stuff as a zip file how do you watch them or upload them to your program and what not plz give me some step by step insttuctions or w/e..... srry if i posted in wrong section... and im not just tsalkin about animations from this one sight im sayin over all... and if u can gve me suggestions on how to use them in my program wityh green screen and stuff that also be helpful

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    What program are you using? You will need After Effects if you want to bring in 3d objects and composite them over a background plate. Have you got 3d Studio Max, Lightwave or the free 3d app Blender? Having one of those would allow you to work on the model and not just be stuck with the default settings that come with the model in terms of lighting and textures.

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