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Thread: Panoramic Video using Overlapping Cameras

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    Default Panoramic Video using Overlapping Cameras

    Hi, after a bit of research, I have had no luck in finding the answer to my query. I hope someone here can help me out:
    I am working on a setup that involves two webcams (SD or HD, not sure yet) pointing in the same direction, resting side-by-side on a common base (to record a wide planar surface).
    I have had no luck in finding software (or a codec) that would merge those two feeds into one video stream. I would prefer it to be made at a driver (or even hardware) level. Any advice?


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    It would help to know a little bit of background to why you're doing this, for example what will the final delivery format of the video be? This could help us advise a different method than you proposed solution (which I feel is unlikely). For example, here are two alternatives:

    1) This would be very easy to achieve in post production within video editing software. So if you don't need a live feed, you could do this

    2) You could use one camcorder with a wide angle lens

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    The field of view from two webcams won't be great. You would need two normal camcorders with either wide angle lens or have the ability to add wide angle lens. Also detail in the middle ground and background would be very fuzzy as they are only good for short distances.
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    Thank you for your quick replies! I didn't expect to get any relevant responses this quickly!

    As for the purpose, it is to capture a wide, yet detailed, close-range video stream. I would want to maintain the level of detail, and I do not need a large vertical range (I think a wide-angle lens would distort the image and compress the useful horizontal centre of the image with details from the uselessly expanded vertical range). Are there any lenses that only stretch the image horizontally?

    In keeping with the two camera setup, I would prefer for the videos to be merged on a hardware level so that Windows may see it as one camera displaying a continuous wide image (i.e. 2 x 4:3 = 8:3, or 2 x 16:9 = 32:9).

    As for the encoding format, of course the higher the compression the better (e.g. H.264). However, I am guessing that my latter request would me more easily served by a simpler compression algorithm such as MJPEG. In other words, I have not yet committed to a format and would appreciate any advice at this point.

    Thanks again!

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