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Thread: Finally cracked it!Got a vid on youtube!

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    Default Finally cracked it!Got a vid on youtube!

    I will put this here in case I can save some poor sod having umpteen attempts at getting something to work from corel vs to youtube..
    For some reason I can upload to youtube AND play vids in wmp in good quality if i use the following settings:

    mpeg2 (?)
    16:9 ratio
    frame based
    50 frames per second

    Now it plays ok in youtube

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    you got some nice footage in there Alex, lovely dragonfly . picture quality looks fine in HD.

    think you need to work on the edit, continuity and tripod set up now.... nice whippet BTW

    as an aside i find it quite alarming that in the list of linked videos we can find "the fart man "

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    THanks m8,
    for half the vids footage I didn't have a proper tripod so bit shaky.. The editing is my first go and I'm amazed how tricky it is
    So far it works out
    1hr of filming
    10 hrs to get it on a dvd or you tube in a 5 minute film!

    THanks for taking the time to take a look .


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