Hi there,

Thanks for letting me join this community, I hope to learn from some of you guys in making some cool videos.
I am still a novice at video editing. I recently purchased Magix Video Edit Pro 15, is it any good?

I was wondering if you could help me solve how this video was made, I think it is a really beautifully made video.

It is the music video for Linkin Parks "New Divide" I have never really been a fan of LP but their video was truly captivating.

Here is a youpoop link:


I have tried to break it down in how they would have made this video:

First off, I am guessing that they have started off with video samples from the Movie "Transformers 2" and also samples of Audio/Video that have been recorded in a studio.

Then they must have used some of their own 3d effects created with some program (blender?)

Then added transitions and other effects.


Would this be right or was there more steps put in to this video?


I am very interested in how they made the effects particularly the glowing/heat vision effect of the singer.

Also the transition effects where there is a blend of colour like someone has squeezed lots of paint onto the screen and scrambled it up.

Where they using industry standard software and tools that are not available publicly?

Would it be possible to replicate some of the effects they made with the software I have (Magix Pro 15) or is it not good enough?

Thanks for your time!