i'm interested in getting the panasonic zs3 (tz7 in america) digcam mostly for the ability to zoom while recording HD video, plus it seems like a good digicamera.
been reading how it records video with the AVCHD lite codec and also how it 'can' b difficult to edit.

since i've just started using vegas pro 9 (used pinnacle earlier but have outgrown it) i'm wondering what others do when in a similar situation???

do u need to convert the video FIRST, then import it into vegas and what are the best settings to output your final edit for best results?

i just don't want to buy the digicam and then realize its a real pain in the butt to edit the video.

ps, i get the feeling i've opened up a can of worms here with the pro's using vegas so please go gentle, i'm a total n00b to vegas