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Thread: Video shakes or ripples when transferred to pc

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    Question Video shakes or ripples when transferred to pc

    I own DCR DVD 110E. It shoots nicely and I mostly use the memory stick since its a hybride camcorder. When its connected to TV the footage is just neat, plays very well and I love it.

    The problem now is that when I transfer the footage to PC to make a DVD for home video the footage doesnt play well. It ripples or call it shakes on the screen which doenst worth viewing because it creats some pains in the eye. If you play the footage on the PC that is how it play and when DVDs are burnt too that is how it plays in the home DVD.

    I need to solve this problem which seems to get beyond me. I converted some footage to AVI with a free program called pirsm video converter and edited it on Adobe Premier Pro and when the final CD was created using Nero, the result is still the same, ripples and shakes all over.

    I have tried other programs as well but no solution.. Help me guys, to solve this problem.

    My e-mail is

    Best regards
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