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Thread: bl@@dy youtube. any ideas?

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    Default bl@@dy youtube. any ideas?


    I'm STILL having editing type troubles....
    I tried a view video upload "tests" from corel to youtube but now i'm trying to upload an actual project it got rejected for being 14 minutes long but...
    its only 7 minutes long! aaahhh.
    I think I did everything same as before "save project as original file" etc and the other short tests worked fine. The file is 500mb so why is it getting it to 14 mins long other than obviously thats twice the length...?
    Ideas that save my sanity will be appreciated
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    In fact I just noticed that the two 25 sec clips i showed further down this page ....
    one shows 50 odd sec the other half that and yet they are same length. And wouldn't you know it its the one that plays good that shows being twice the length...?????

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    I have now tried a "third way " and you won't believe what happens! this is all in corel. saving a file to pc to upload to you tube...
    If I save as mt2 in it plays funny
    if i save as original file. It plays fine but the seconds go twice as quick as they should so a 5 min clip goes over the 10 min limit!
    (to see this weirdness I have posted two identical links in my "youtube" thread
    Tried saving as wmv 1080x 700 and my 5 minute 500mb file is reduced to 12 mbs and looks like I drew it!
    I'm running out of options here! and sanity!
    Ideas? Anyone?

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