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Thread: Possibilities of a short term living following redundancy?

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    Default Possibilities of a short term living following redundancy?

    Well, I've posted in this very forum before regardng wedding videos stating that I'm sort of glad it's not my day job. Well, I just might need to change my tune because I've just found out that I'm in severe danger of being made redundant from work (Google terms like "Fujitsu Redundancy" for details). I estimate I have a 1 in 5 chance of being out of work by the end of the year. Shame really cos our project team has plenty of work coming up but who knows how they will choose eh?

    Anyways, having done a couple of family weddings I'm wondering if doing a few more but getting paid for it might be a good "tide me over" course of action if I do get the heave ho.

    I haven't started really investigating this yet but wondered if anyone could give me any pointers on how and where to advertise, major do's and don't's. You know, anything and everything that might help me make a decision as to whether it might be a good course of action to tide me over if a new offering (as an Oracle based developer) takes its time coming along.



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    For what it's worth Alan, I'd stay well away. It's takes time and effort to build up a reputation and this reputation is key to a successful videography business. I would define 'successful' as having a full order book for clients happy to pay a sensible fee (i.e. well above the 500 you see advertised).

    This is in stark contrast to a 'tide over' solution. If you use this approach, it's likely you'll end up competing in the 500 range, and that's if you can find the work. Moreover, you've already said you hated it! I just don't really see you enjoying the work and the small amount of money (comparatively) that comes in, wouldn't be worth it. You'd probably earn just as much money cleaning windows (ok, probably not as you already own a shed load of equipment).

    I say focus on something you do enjoy. Take this as an opportunity to develop new skills if there's a gap between jobs, especially if the redundancy allows. And, more importantly, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting another job with a background in Oracle.

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    Sorry to hear of your possible income trauma Alan.
    My suggestions fwiw is to do at least one 'good value' wedding that you can then put all your production skills into use on and use as a showreel.

    There are vast numbers of wedding DVD makers out there and the common factor is cheap.
    Cheap because they either don't have the expertise, or don't have the hours available to polish the edit into something worth paying a premium for.

    If this is a stop gap, which it may just be, depending on your local job market, you can do a few and retire gracefully.
    If it looks like being a permanent quest, you need to film and edit a superior, desirable product, the clients you are looking for will recognise the difference and pay your fees.

    The best sources for work are always recommendations, but these take time to build.
    Wedding shows - If you have a premium product and exhibit at 'big shows' there is a steady supply of clients. bear in mind a stand at these costs 1,000, but bookings can exceed 10,000 + referrals from these same clients.
    Smaller shows (1 - 200) usually attract the cheaper (sub 500) end of the market, so you take your pick.
    Whichever shows you attend, they are partly buying you as much as the product, so make em like ya!

    A good website is essential and all helps attract business too.

    Weddings are hard work, especially the 1st few of the year, but with practise, you learn to pick your 'killer' shots for the edit and relax into them.

    We too started out cheap, but with a clear vision of the market to target and once you are in this elite client area it becomes self fulfilling.
    Our prices top out at about 2K, which after 12 years reputation building I'm very happy with.
    If you need any ongoing tips, just pm me.
    Best of luck!
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Hi Alan

    Marc is correct unfortunately. Weddings are far from quick money and I dunno about the UK but here it's highly unlikely to get a booking for a wedding in a couple of weeks time!! At present I'm booking gigs for the second half of 2010 already and most brides will be planning and booking at least 12 months ahead!! I do get the occasional late booking but relying on those wouldn't give you a steady income at all. Most of my brides getting married in 2009 booked in 2008 so it's a long term thing and not really an income filler.

    You would be better maybe looking now for some freelance programming work so if you do get the heave-ho you have a backup.

    The other option, of course, is to offer your skills to an existing wedding videographer as a cameraman ... that way you will make less but have a better chance of an income!!!

    However if you go down the wedding videography route as a permanent thing we will be glad to help with hints and tips!!


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