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    Default Soccer Match Colour Effects

    Hey guys, ive been editing for a while now, but have mostly been doing very practical and functional editing techniques. So please excuse the fact that this is a little tacky, its one of the first effects ive actually tried.

    Apologies for the unoriginality, i know this technique is soooo obvious but its atleats a start on my exploration into special effects with video editing suites.

    Editing Suite: Final Cut Pro

    Notes: The green grass and yellow shirts bleed into each other becuas the colours are so simmilar, the first example (Red shirts) is the effect at its best.

    I just uploaded this, so the video isnt completely processed

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    As you say it's a common effect, but I like the way it works with the sports footage.

    For your next challenge you should work out how to use the same technique with TWO colours so the opposing teams kit shows up (eg Chelsea in blue vs Liverpool's red). I'm not a Mac guy so can't help specifically, but I'd know how to do it in Sony Vegas.

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    thanks for the comment mate, il try that one out.

    Thanks again

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