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Thread: Advice needed on VCR to PC transfer tools and editing software

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    Post Advice needed on VCR to PC transfer tools and editing software

    Hi there,

    I have a number of video tapes which I want to transfer to PC. That is the essence of my plan. I would like to be able to edit the files too.

    I had seen the Ion USB VCR here which theoretically would be great because it claims to be really simple to use. However it has a lot of bad reviews specifically with regards to setup (drivers etc.) and lack of editing.

    Is there some software that anyone would recommend which offers the ability to capture from VCR (ideally DVD too, but not necessarily) but also edit the files in a user friendly fashion (i.e. edit files into two or more files, merge files). And what cables are required along with this?

    If you need to know my vital statistics:

    i'm UK based so this is all PAL, I already own a VCR if important, I have Windows Vista

    Please ask if you think anything else would be relevant, i'm not currently at my home PC so do not have the specs to hand but will be later if helpful.

    I had read briefly about Pinnacle and MovieFactory but have no idea whether these programs cover both VCR capture and editing and whether one is considered better than the other - nothing like recommendations from those who've had hands on experience of them. Also, I assume neither come with the wires needed to connect between the PC and VCR.

    Do bear in mind that I am not particularly techno savvy so treat me as a layman. Please, no words with more than two syllables.

    Thanks very much! Chris.

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    I know next to nothing about video editing and I recently came up with the same problem, I had about 50+ VHS tapes I wanted to transfer to DVD, and no idea of how to do it.

    I didn't have a capture card in my PC so I bought a little gadget called "EasyCAP" just plugs into a USB port and connects to the composite output leads from the VCR. (check on Ebay) it also comes with Ulead Video Studio 10SE software which I used for the capture, as far as editing goes it was useless, usually crashed the PC when used.

    I also had a copy of CyberLink Power Producer, tried editing with it and had about the same success, plus after editing the ads out of a recorded movie it took about 2.5 hours to re-encode it. So I went looking for something better and found Womble Multimedia's "MPEG Video Wizard DVD" a small download 12MB and 30 days full featured free trial, and I am sold! as long as you don't change any of the codex of the file being edited you can cut, trim and add clips and it will then export it without having to re-render - it takes about 15 min to process a full length movie.

    I have just finished all the video tapes capturing and editing and it performed like magic- well worth checking out.

    For most of the transfer I was able to use my TV DVD Recorder, played the tapes into it and recorded onto re-recordable DVD's, then ripped them to my PC using DVD Decrypter - doing it that way meant I didn't have the computer tied up for long periods capturing - though I did a fair amount using the PC for capture when I had other things to do.

    After a bit of experimentation getting everything setup and learning how to use it all the whole exercise went off like clockwork, mainly due to to the editing software working so flawlessly ( I purchased it before the trial period was up) I I now have all my tapes transcribed to DVD's, I also have a printer that can print on CD/DVD's so I was able to create some nice labels for them.

    I hope this is of some use to you, though coming late to your post you may have done the job already.


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    Thanks for your reply - very useful! I have not decided upon anything just yet so will take into account your recommendations thanks. I have since hooked up a hard drive recorder to the VCR so at least I can put the videos onto DVD. Ultimately I would like to be able to organise them better, edit and merge them on PC though so will look into it. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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